Worship Ministry Details

Worship Ministry Details

Worship Ministry Details

Worship Ministry Details

Worship Ministry Details


Worship Ministry Details
Worship Ministry Details

To familiarize you with the Worship Ministry, we have listed some our important details and processes. These details are subject to change.

Praise Team Rotation Schedules

There are four Praise Teams at New Hope. Each team is headed by a Praise Team Leader who organizes the music elements on the week they are responsible for. Currently, the weekly schedules look like this each month:

Week One – Katina Chappell’s team
Week Two – Chris Howell’s team
Week Three – Lauri Preston’s team
Week Four – Jeff Dunn’s team

In the months where there are five weeks, a guest team or the youth team, Search & Rescue will lead worship on the fifth weekend.

Three weeks prior to their scheduled time to present worship, it is the responsibility of each Praise Team Leader to notify all other ministries, the Minister of Music and the Worship Pastor regarding their plans for the coming worship service.
Because the rotations and schedules are revised from time to time, expect to work with a variety of people within the Worship Ministry Details.

Weekly Rehearsal Attendance

Worship Team members are required to be faithful and punctual in their attendance of rehearsals, services, and other events for which they are scheduled. If you are not able to make a rehearsal or be there for the worship service, please inform your ministry leader as soon as possible so that other arrangements can be made. Additionally, you will generally not be able to participate in the weekend service if you cannot make the mid-week rehearsal unless arrangements have been made.

Rehearsal Times

The Praise Team generally meets for a mid-week rehearsal and for a warm-up rehearsal on the day of a service or event. It is expected that musicians and singers, as well as sound and video technicians attend mid-week rehearsals. Lighting and camera technicians are added to the mix during the warm-up rehearsal. The following times should be verified during your interview:

Sabbath Morning Meeting for Prayer

Sabbath mornings, the prayer warrior(s) on duty will meet with the team to pray about 10 minutes before each service. In addition to the crucial need for prayer, this helps gather everyone together in time. After prayer, all worship participants will get in their places (on or off-stage) to begin the service.

Dress Code

As mentioned before, this is a leadership ministry and we are all leaders. We have an example to set. Therefore, our dress code is casual, but modest and presentable. For instance, men should avoid wearing clothing that is excessively worn or very casual. Women should avoid wearing revealing

clothing such as low cut blouses or short skirts. Remember this tip when making decisions on your clothing, “if you are unsure if it is acceptable, you probably shouldn’t wear it.” Note: Stage lights can affect the transparency of your outfit.

Examples That Are Acceptable:

  • Dockers or Slacks
  • Dresses
  • Nice Dressy, Dark-Colored Jeans
  • Knit, Button-Up or Polo Shirts
  • Pants
  • Skirts
  • Unmarked T-shirts (when worn under a Jacket or Button-Up Shirt)

Examples That Are Not Acceptable:

  • Dresses with High Slits
  • Excessively Worn or Torn Clothing
  • Exercise Pants or Sweats
  • Exposed Belly Buttons or Midriffs
  • Short Skirts
  • Shorts (Including Walking Shorts)
  • Tank, Tube, or Halter Tops & Other Strapless Tops
  • T-shirts with Logos/Writing

NOTE: While New Hope upholds a “come as you are” philosophy in terms of dress, keep in mind that this sentiment is mainly directed at seekers.

Weekly News Via Email

If you have an email address, you can check the weekly Worship Ministry announcements and rehearsal reminders by viewing the New Hope Worship Team web site (coming soon). The preliminary Worship Flow will be also posted there, usually by Wednesday evening. Music charts, lyric sheets, and song samples can be found on www.planningcenteronline.com.

Introduction of New Music

Beginning in July, we will periodically distribute new music CDs, lyrics, and/or music charts. These new music packages include new songs that the Praise Team may incorporate into our worship in the future. The packages are provided for you to get familiar with the songs before they are introduced. There may be times when special rehearsals will be scheduled to go through these songs for practice and suitability.


There is no higher calling than to worship the Lord of the universe. It is what we were created to do. It is how we, as humans, connect with our Creator and give him back all the honor that is due to Him. What an honor and privilege it is to be able to facilitate part of that worship for people! As worship leaders (for that is what the Praise Team is doing), we have been called to usher people into the throne room, where they will have an opportunity to touch the heart of God.

Pray that we will never lose sight of that mission. Pray that God will give us the strength, the resources, and the abilities to praise Him. And pray that our focus will never be taken off of Christ as the Object of our worship.
We appreciate your dedication and service and recognize the sacrifice you are making in serving the Lord in this way. A lot of time and work goes into preparing for our gatherings each week, and your dedication will reflect a commitment to making each and every gathering a blessing. May you glorify the Lord!

Worship Ministry Details

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