Worship Ministry Values

Worship Ministry Values

Worship Ministry Values

Worship Ministry Values

Worship Ministry Values


Worship Ministry Values

Worship Ministry Values
worship ministry values
  • Team – We are working together toward the same goals with the same values.
    Servant leadership – Our first concern is the people we serve.
    Passion – We are in pursuit of God with a passion for a sustained, intimate relationship with Him.
    Purpose – We are in unwavering pursuit of God’s purpose for our lives, encouraging others to fulfill their purpose in Him through excellence.
    Inside out worship – Our worship will begin on the inside, born from revelation, personal experience, and a devotion that flows from a changed life.

New Hope Church Values

Worship Ministry Values

Grace Centered

What does it mean to be grace oriented? Some people think the word “grace” refers to a prayer prior to your meal. This little word is filled with deep meaning. To be grace centered means to have an abundance of generosity towards others. At New Hope, it means we are not going to judge you – no matter where you came from is what your past involves. We are going to go the extra mile to accept you because Jesus did the same for us. A church is a hospital for those who are spiritually ill. It is our goal to see you living a healthy life that brings honor to God. Then you too can extend grace to others. Romans 5:20

God Worshiping

At New Hope we are committed to honoring God through joyful expressions of corporate worship. We are open to hearing and experiencing the power of God’s presence through the ministry of music and practical Bible teaching, and creativity of the arts. We acknowledge God’s sovereignty over our lives and invite Him into our hearts through music, praise and exaltation. Psalms 96.9

Spiritually Transforming

Understanding the vitality of spiritual growth within the church, we actively encourage our members and friends to grow in their personal relationship with Christ through the disciplines of prayer, the study of God’s word and making four basic commitments:

  • Commitment to Christ and Membership in the Body of Christ
  • Commitment to Maturity in Christ.
  • Commitment to a Ministry with Christ
  • Commitment to Missions for Christ

A variety of Sabbath morning classes, small groups and various ministries and education classes meet throughout the week to provide opportunities for people of all ages to interact and grow spiritually, sharing challenges and asking questions that lead to a deeper understanding of Christ and His plan for our lives. Philippians 3:14

Culturally Relevant

Unfortunately, many churches in America are stuck in culture that existed 600 years ago (or longer). We understand that culture changes, therefore we are committed to sharing the gospel in a way your friends will be able to understand it. We are committed to making our music, preaching, “lingo”, the way we reach people, to be relevant to the culture of our zip code. Because we are committed to reaching the surrounding communities, we will do everything to “speak to same language.” Galatians 2:14-15

Community Connecting

Being continually prepared through our experience of worship, discipleship, nurture and evangelism, it is our privilege to offer our time and our talents in service to our local community and our world. We fix our eyes on the example set by Jesus, embracing all people as our brothers and sisters in Christ, and striving to extend unconditional kindness and service to all who are in need. Through various ministries that serve the local community, we are impacting people because they are children of God. Luke 4:18-19

Family Empowering

Children are the most impressionable people in the community. According to researcher, George Barna, most decisions are made (44 percent) by children before they are become teenagers. As a result, New Hope church is committed to reaching children and equipping families to make life long decisions for Christ. Matthew 19:14

Mission Compelled

Believing wholeheartedly that the good news of Jesus Christ is the best news for the world, it is our mission to reach out to the unchurched and share the hope that is ours through the cross of Christ our Savior. We embrace the great commission of Christ as being personally relevant to each member of our community and prayerfully seek opportunities to invite others into full fellowship with the body of Christ. We have taken Jesus’ words to “go” at heart. We are committed to going to the community before asking them to come to us. Our passion is to reach lost people for Jesus. Matthew 28:19-20


Worship Ministry Values

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